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Mar 2019 24 Mar 24, 2019

We are happy to say that we are now accepting applications for the 2019–2020 Community Leadership Cohort! This is something we have been praying and dreaming about for several years now, and we are excited for what God might do as we seek to grow up into Christ together. Space is limited so we encourage you to apply here today....Read More

Mar 2019 24 Mar 24, 2019

Like so many people I meet, you might be saying, “I want to get better at mission, but I don’t feel like I have any margin in my life.” If that's you, you might be helped by thinking about mission as “three ways of making room for God to come in.” Many people who already are operating with little to no margin in their lives hear the call to be on mission as added homework. But moving out on mission is often less about doing more, and more a...Read More